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Star Stone Demo

This is a short demo of a Jump’n’Run Platformer I’ve been working on here and there. There’s no real story, and the main character doesn’t even have a name, but the basic idea is that you use a kind of bubble shield to deflect enemy attacks back at them. I wanted to make a non-violent game, where there was no death. My equivalent to death is halted progression when you are hit, until you can catch the Star Stone again (that sounds weird, but you’ll see when you play it). I’ll hopefully finish this game eventually, as there are more levels built than this, and all I need to add are boss fights and music, basically. There is a readme file included, which should detail the controls and other info.

Two Bullets To Hell

In this noir-styled game, take up the gun of a mysterious man with murderous intentions. Why? Play and find out.

Two Bullets to Hell is a one-shot-kill stealth game. Avoid being seen by the gun-toting mobsters as you make your way up the building looking for the right people for your limited bullets. Try to find the special ending.



POPGunner is an arcade-style space shooter, in which your ship uses one bullet as both offense and defense.

Mentioned on both the indie game blogs, and!


Thieving Raccoon

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Quick! Help Slick Dooper, the world’s most sly raccoon criminal, pick the pockets of the guards without getting caught!

–Avoid the flashlights and pick any guard’s pocket to earn one point. The coin in the guard’s pocket will reappear over time and you can pick his pocket for another point. Accumulate as many points as possible without getting caught. Getting caught three times resets your score. Every 30 points will erase an existing miss.
–Choose one of two game modes. Game B is less predictable then Game A.

–ARROW KEYS move you around.
–SPACE BAR picks pockets.
–MOUSE CLICK the “Game A” or “Game B” buttons to restart with a different game style.
–MOUSE CLICK the “Time” button to tell time. Hold it down to see High Scores.

My entry for the TIGsource Bootleg Demakes competition. It tied for 12th out of 69 games!

Chosen as #9 in Bytejacker’s Top Ten Bootleg Demakes!



My first game in Game Maker, it takes place in a 128×64 pixel window. Old School Hop-n-Bop-em-up action!

Chosen as a Freeware Game Pick on the Blog!