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Degenerate Youth

This game was also made for a competition in about 3 hours, 45 minutes. You play as a graffiti tagger looking for some street cred (hence, a ‘cred meter’). You get that by tagging near high-visibility areas that lots of people will walk by and see your tags at. The downside, is that those areas are where you are most likely to be caught in the act, so watch out. You don’t want to be seen tagging, or your cred meter will drop.

Kill The Hero

Yet another game made in a short time. This was a 1 hour competition game, and as such it’s pretty bare-bones. You play as the evil Boss of a video game, and you must defeat the Hero using only three predetermined attack patterns.

Star Stone Demo

This is a short demo of a Jump’n’Run Platformer I’ve been working on here and there. There’s no real story, and the main character doesn’t even have a name, but the basic idea is that you use a kind of bubble shield to deflect enemy attacks back at them. I wanted to make a non-violent game, where there was no death. My equivalent to death is halted progression when you are hit, until you can catch the Star Stone again (that sounds weird, but you’ll see when you play it). I’ll hopefully finish this game eventually, as there are more levels built than this, and all I need to add are boss fights and music, basically. There is a readme file included, which should detail the controls and other info.